Wambam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence

Who doesn’t love a beautiful fence in front of their house?  A nice fence adds an aesthetic view to your home.  At the  same time a fence can add a bit of protection to your house.  Just as furniture, carpets, clocks, and statues add a sense of style to the inside of your house, a white picket fence will add style to the outside of your home.  Just as with every other object you have to worry about factors other then looks.  Durability, design, and maintenance are all very important to keep in mind.  When we consider all of these factors I can think of no better fence then the WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence.

White Picket Fence – Wambam Traditional

WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Classic Vinyl White Picket Fence

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The WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence is a silent yet watchful protector for your lawn and garden.  It is a four way fence.  If you don’t know a four way fence is the best option for protection as it surrounds all four sides of your home.  Each section of this fence is 4 feet long by 4 feet tall.  Because it is 4 feet tall it provides excellent protection for your garden and your kids.  This product is fairly light weight.  This makes it easy to move from place to place.  The WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence provides a traditional yet classy look for your home.

Most fences are made from wood.  Wooden fences require almost constant maintenance.  If you don’t give a wooden fence the attention it requires it will fall apart in no time at all.  Wooden fences also have never been very good at holding up in harsh weather conditions.  The WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence provides a great change from the traditional wooden fence.  Instead of being made from wood this fence is made from premium grade vinyl.  This almost completely removes the need for maintenance.  It allows the fence able to endure very harsh weather conditions.  Setting up this fence is a very easy task.  It does not even require you to dig holes into your lawn.  The WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence could be set up on any flat surface, even on your driveway. Assembling this fence is also been made to be very simple and quick.  The packaging provides a manual which includes easy to understand instructions so you wont have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to put this fence together.

In terms of performance, the WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence is outstanding and very durable.  This fence uses angled pickets.  It has a very gorgeous design and gives your home a very distinguished look.  Each section can be easily snapped together making it easy to extend the length of the fence and provides additional strength for the fence.

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This fence does have a fairly high price tag when compared to most fences.  The WamBam Traditional Premium Vinyl White Picket Fence costs about $109.99.  With everything it provides, this fence is defiantly worth it’s steep price tag.  Therefore it is a great choice if you are currently looking for a fence for your home.

Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence

Why is having a picket fence in front of the house so important?  Is it because of the look it provides?  Or is it to keep threats out of your yard?  Or maybe its to keep your children safe?  I think its a combination of all of these things that make a picket fence almost necessary for homeowners.  Close your eyes and for a second picture your dream home.  Chances are the house you pictured has a white picket fence surrounding your home.  And no doubt the fence complements the beauty of your home.  But a question still stands, how do you pick a great fence?  There are a surprising number of white picket fences on the market today.  Thousands of manufacturers all across the world are bringing new fence models to the market on a daily basis.  I can help you in making the decision on what fence to purchase.  What do you expect out of a fence?  It should be durable, well designed, environmentally friendly, and easy to move around.  A fence that requires no maintenance would truly be something amazing.  If you are looking for a fence like this then I know the perfect fence for you.  The Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence is one fence that provides everything we mentioned earlier that a great fence should have.

Vinyl White Traditional Picket Fence 4ft H x 8ft W Scalloped Top

Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence 4ft H x 8ft W Scalloped Top

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Let us begin with the size of the fence.  Each section of the Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence is 4 feet high by 8 feet wide.  As you can tell by the dimensions, each section covers a fairly large amount of land.  In addition this white picket fence is lighter then most fences.  This makes it very easy to change its location and it makes it much easier when setting up the fence.

The kit comes with rails, pickets, and picket caps.  The rails can be routed.  The brilliant design of this fence allows the rail to be routed right over the picket holes.  The pickets easily slide through the holes which are attached to the bottom of the rail panel.  This gives it a very sturdy design and provides enhanced durability.  This white picket fence also provides a gorgeous look to your home.  It comes with a line post that has a plain cap.  The gaps between the pickets are only three inches which stops almost everything from getting through.  This fence is made easy to assemble and only requires a few minutes.  A combination of all these features makes this white picket fence a prime choice for homeowners.

For those of you who have had a wooden fence you know how much maintenance they require.  For those of you who haven’t they require a very high level of maintenance.  Where would you find the time between your job and your family to tend to a wooden fence?  Chances are you don’t have the time to tend to a wooden fence, this is another reason that the Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence is a great product.  It is a vinyl fence which does not require very much maintenance when compared to traditional wooden fences.

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The price for this fence is also fairly reasonable.  You can find the Vinyl Traditional White Picket Fence at Amazon for only $129.99.

Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner White Picket Fence

Everyone either has a love for gardening or they simply don’t care for it.  You can find a wonderful garden next to about half of the houses you see.  The remaining half probably have a fairly large lawn.  Weather you have a lawn or a garden, you will want protection to keep them both safe.  Clearing weeds and caring for your plants will help your lawn look clean.  But how will you stop animals from ruining your lawn or garden?  The solution to this problem is a fence.  A fence serves as a shield for your lawn and your garden by keeping external threats out.  Therefore, you will want to chose a fence that is great at doing just that.  In my opinion the Pottsville Decorative Corner white picket fence is a perfect fence to do just that.  Do not mistake this fence for an ordinary white picket fence.  It is one of the best fences on the market.

This product is 48 inches high with 4 inch posts and is 48 inches each long each way (it is an L shaped corner piece).  It is high enough to be able to keep your neighbor’s dog out.  This fence is also fairly lightweight when compared to most white picket fences.  The Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner white picket fence weighs only 102 pounds. Because of this it is fairly easy to move and install.

Highwood The Pottsville Decorative Corner Picket Fence, White

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Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner White Picket Fence This fence will give your house a stylish and traditional look.  I once owned a white picket fence that was made from wood.  It took a lot of my time to maintain it and when I slacked on doing so it started to fall apart.  With the Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner white picket fence you wont need to worry about maintenance.  The item is made from a unique recycled plastic. It gives your fence the strength to withstand the harshest of climates and makes it Eco friendly.  With all of this the fence still maintains the traditional and stylish look of a standard wooden white picket fence.  Therefore, this is a great choice to protect your yard or garden while still remaining very stylish.

The Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner white picket fence is made in the USA.  Workers spend a lot of time crafting these beautiful pieces.  The recycled plastic used in the fence is combined with stainless steel which helps to increase the durability of the fence.

You probably don’t want to dig holes in your lawn just to place a fence.  The Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner white picket fence is great with the fact that it does not require you to dig up your lawn.  Also, for your convenience, this fence comes with a kit that guides you through an easy installation process.

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This fence does have a unusually high price tag.  The normal price for the Highwood Pottsville Decorative Corner White Picket Fence is $619.99.  You can save up to 4% by shopping at Amazon.  Amazon currently has a sale on this fence for $595.00.  Even with this discount it is still very expensive, but it is truly worthy of it’s price tag.

Fence – White Picket Fence and Gate

As long as you as you make sure that you meet the rules and regulations set by your local building department on fence installation, then there is no reason why you cannot have this classic white picket fence by Genova Building Products. White is a safe option for fencing because it will go well with any color. Thus, even if you plan to repaint your home in the future, you will not have to repaint your fence and save time and money.

Genova Building Products FPK251 Classic Picket Fence

Fence - Genova Building Products FPK251 Classic Picket Fence
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  • This white picket fence kit includes 22 boards, measuring ¾” x 1 ½” each, 22 picket board caps, a 2” x 4” top routed rail, and a 2” x 6” bottom ribbed routed rail.

  • The section packages come with easy to assemble posts with color merchandising stickers and an instruction manual.

  • This fence measures 4 ft in height and 8 ft in length and is available in white color.

  • It is made of vinyl material

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B0007KRDCQ

  • Dimensions: 4’ H x 8’ L

  • Color: White

Pros and Cons

This picket fence will look good in almost any type of home. This is also a vinyl picket fencing which offers many benefits over traditional wood fences, including durability, and flexibility. Vinyl is also easier to clean and does not need regular paint jobs.

The problem may be in the installation. Understand that posts and post tops are not included and are sold separately. You also need tools and other parts that are not included in the package.


This vinyl picket fencing by Genova Building Products has the elegance of wood, but is more durable and flexible than the wooden fences. Just make sure to follow the installation instructions, and you will have a secure and beautiful fence around your lawn or garden.

Cottage Picket Gate – White Fence

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You have a white picket fence. The next thing you need is a gate, and the cottage picket gate by New England Arbors is just the right pick for your picket fence. This charming gate will be a great way to welcome your friends into your lovely home.

Features of the Cottage Picket Gate White

  • The gate is made with premium weather-resistant vinyl that does not need to be painted or stained.

  • It is designed to achieve the elegant look of wood, but without the maintenance normally associated to wood. Only an occasional rinse with a garden hose is required to retain its beauty.

  • It measures 47 inches across and can easily fit an opening measuring 49 to 51 inches.

  • It is made with stainless steel, black powder-coated hinges, and the package also includes all the necessary parts for assembly.

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B003409EPU

  • Dimensions: 43.5″ H x 48.5″ W x 6″ D

  • Color: White

Pros and Cons

This gate has all the benefits of vinyl, but has the timeless elegance of wood. With the Cottage Picket Gate by New England Arbors, you know you are buying a quality product considering its 20-year warranty against yellowing, warping, rotting and cracking.

What many people like about this product is that it is easy to assemble. Detailed instructions are included that even beginners will be able to understand. It will be a perfect fit to your white picket fence. All you need is a ratchet, tape measure and a drill to assemble it with your fence.

Perhaps the only problem is the latching bar. Some users find that it is bent too far for the gate to latch properly. But this is something that you can fix during assembly.


You do not need to look far to complete the look of your classic picket fence. Combine it with this charming gate, and your home will sure stand out in your neighborhood.

Fences – Various Styles of White Picket Fences

Simplicity is beauty. This is exactly how you can describe this white picket fence by UFPI LBR & Treated. It is easy to assemble too. You do not need to go through all the trouble of sawing boards and posts yourself as you can simply order them online. This product also offers a solution for homeowners who want the timeless beauty and durability of vinyl picket fences but without the high costs.

UFPI LBR & Treated 128003 3′ X 8′ Spaced Picket Yard Fences

Fences - UFPI LBR & Treated 128003 3' X 8' Spaced Picket Yard Fences
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  • This white picket fence is made of vinyl, thus it is durable and requires low maintenance.

  • The fence is finished both inside and out. Thus, it is ready to install as soon as you take it out of the package.

  • The kit includes everything you need so you can have the panel in one easy to carry box.

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B005F2EEYQ

  • Dimensions: 3’ x 8’

  • Color: White

  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pros and Cons

Durability and low maintenance are two important qualities you want to look for in fences. Since they are for outdoor use, your fences will be exposed to elements and white is also a color that easily gathers dirt and stains. That is why vinyl is a preferred choice for fencing. You only need to wash it regularly to keep it sparkling clean.

The product description and the image shown in Amazon can be quite misleading though. When you buy this product, you probably expect that the posts come with the package as shown in the picture. Unfortunately, they are not included. You will also need to buy mounting hardware even if the product description says that the package includes everything you need.


If you do not need elaborate fences made of stainless steel and you live in a nice, quiet suburb, then this simple picket fence may be good enough for your home. It is reasonably priced for a vinyl fence and it looks simple but charming.

Victorian Vinyl White Picket Fence 4ft H x 8ft W Scalloped Top

Vinyl Fence - White Picket Fence 4ft H x 8ft W Scalloped Top
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If you find the traditional white picket fence with straight top too simple for your home, then you might like the Victorian Vinyl White Picket Fence with scalloped top. This will add character to your home while retaining the charm of traditional picket fences.

Features of the Victorian Vinyl White Picket Fence Scalloped Top

      • This picket panel kit includes 1 line post, 5 inches square with plain cap

      • The fence is made with vinyl, making it durable and maintenance free.

      • The pickets snap into the rails. The rails are already routed for picket holes so they easily snap into posts.

      • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B008D3J7AU

      • Dimensions: 4 ft in height, 8 ft in width

      • Color: White

      • Accessories: the package contains all pickets, picket caps and rails

Pros and Cons

You will not be ashamed of having these fences in your front yard, as they are both charming and elegant. Decorate it with plants and this white picket fence will sure improve the curb appeal of your home.

This fence is easy to assemble considering that the rails are already routed with picket holes. There will be no need for screws and brackets to keep the pickets in place. The pickets simply slide through the rails so you have a clean and sturdy fence.

This does not require a lot of maintenance and you do not need to paint it every year to retain its beauty. It can be quite expensive though. Each package may cost more than a hundred dollars. If you have a large lawn or garden, you may need a bigger budget.


White picket fences will never go out of fashion and the scalloped top of this fence will just add to the overall appeal of your home. The scalloped top is the finishing touch that will make your fence more than just a boundary marking your lawn or garden.

Fencing – Clean and Beautiful White Picket Fences

White picket fences are very popular in American homes and they still remain a popular choice for fencing even today. They look clean and give the feeling of living a good and simple life. 

FPK103 Traditional Picket Fencing – Vinyl Fence

Though not commonly used in crowded cities where tall iron gates are preferred, you will find many homes that use the white picket fence much like this Traditional Picket Fence from Genova Building Products in suburbs.

Fencing - FPK103 Traditional White Picket Fence - Vinyl Fence
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Features of the Genova Building Products FPK103 Traditional Picket Fence Section

  • This is a vinyl fence, which measures 3’ in height and 4’ in length, in a box package

  • Each section package includes 9 boards (3/4” x 4” each), 9 white fencing board caps, 1 bottom rail and 1 top rail

  • This vinyl fence package may include ready to assemble posts, color merchandising stickers and installation instructions useful for DIY builders.

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B0049PPL6A

  • Dimensions: 3′ H. x 6′ L

  • Color: White

Pros and Cons

Vinyl is a good option for fencing, as it is known for its durability and flexibility. Wood on the other hand, is susceptible to discoloration, peeling or warping after some time. Thus, they require a lot of maintenance. A vinyl fence does not need to be painted nor stained. You just need to wash it regularly using soap and water to remove dirt and maintain the clean look of your white picket fence.

Vinyl however, can be a quite expensive compared to wood. It is also important to know that for the Genova Building Products FPK103 Traditional Picket Fence Station, the posts and post tops are sold separately.


You can use other colors instead of white picket fences, but if you want the traditional and clean look for your home, you will not go wrong with this product. For less than $70, you can buy this from Amazon and you already have a sturdy fencing for your home.

Genova Building Products FPK101 Traditional Picket Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence Genova Building Products FPK101 Traditional Picket Fence
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This product is quite similar to the white picket fence mentioned earlier. They only differ in terms of dimensions. This one is longer and higher, which is suitable if you want added privacy and security. You can also use this larger fencing as a border to define a larger garden.

Features of the Genova Building Products FPK101 Traditional Picket Vinyl Fence

  • This vinyl fence measures 4’ in height and 8’ in length.

  • Each 8’ package includes 12 boards (3/4” x 4” each), 12 picket board caps, 1 bottom rail, and 1 top rail.

  • Section packages include ready to assemble posts, merchandising stickers as well as an instruction manual.

  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B0007KRDCG

  • Dimensions: 4’ H, 8’ L

  • Color: White

Pros and Cons

This 4’ x 8’ fencing is a sturdy replacement if your previous fence has been damaged by storm. Vinyl might be more expensive but it is sturdy enough to handle inclement weather. If you want a higher fence for added privacy and security, but you also do not want to hide yourself from your neighbors, then this may just be the perfect white picket fence for you. It is also easy to install if you are a skilled DIY builder.

Perhaps this is more expensive than most picket fences in the market, but it is a good bargain considering its many benefits.


Although you can build your own fencing for a lower price, it is often more convenient to simply order ready to assemble posts like this picket fence from Genova Building Products. You save time and trouble. You will have neat white picket fences around your home in no time.